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CFS Technologies is bringing new technology and data-driven innovations to time-proven chemical dispensing solutions across a wide range of industries and diverse end markets. Our newly established family of companies has mature roots in manufacturing dispensing equipment and creating innovative cleaning solutions. We are comprised of Lafferty Equipment Mfg. and Knight Equipment — established, leading brands in chemical dispensing and application equipment — and Lavo Solutions that provides cutting-edge connectivity technology and design solutions using data driven analytics for use across all the end markets and industries we serve today, providing our customers increased visibility into their fluid dispensing operations, optimizing production, and ensuring quality while reducing costs. Together, CFS Technologies offers more high quality, connected products and analytical software platforms than anyone else in the industry.

Our Brands

Lafferty Equipment, part of CFS Technologies, was founded in 1976 and designs and manufactures the highest performing and most durable chemical dispensing equipment for solving cleaning and application challenges. The company is headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lavo Solutions, part of CFS Technologies, was established in 2018 by industry experts who wanted to provide customers with a full line of accurate chemical dispensing solutions and data analytics for the cleaning and hygiene industry. Lavo is headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Knight LLC, based in Irvine, Cal., has been successfully dedicated to the challenge of developing advanced chemical delivery and dispensing systems for their users since 1972. For several decades, Knight has developed a reputation for innovation through industry-leading techniques in developing chemical delivery systems that ensure a safer and cleaner environment.

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